Khod Mohanpur Postal Code – Zip Code – Rajshahi District

Khod Mohanpur is Tana in the Rajshahi district of Bangladesh (রাজশাহী). It is one of the most popular places in Rajshahi. There is a post office here in Rajshahi. The name of the postal area is Khodmohanpur. The zip code for Khod Mohanpur is 6220. The zip code is the same as the zip code.

This helps identify the city or Tana where you are sending formal or informal letters and important emails. Khodmohanpur Thana is located in Khodmohanpur, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. And his code is 6220.

Rajshahi Division

Khod Mohanpur Post Code

UpazilaPost OfficePost Code
Khod MohanpurKhod Mohanpur6220

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