Chirirbandar Postal Code – Zip Code, (চিরিরবন্দর,Dinajpur)

The Chirirbandar Upazila is located in the Dinajpur District of Bangladesh. It is situated at 25.6625°N 88.7833°E. The Upazila spans a total area of 308.68 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 232409 people living in 42790 households.

The Chirirbandar Upazila is divided into 12 union parishads. These union parishads are each responsible for the administration of 142 villages and 145 mauzas. The main exports of the Chirirbandar Upazila are paddy and rice.The literacy rate of the Chirirbandar Upazila is 96.6%.

Chirirbandar Post Code

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