Pirganj Postal Code – Zip Code,(পীরগঞ্জ,Rangpur)

Pirgonj is an upazila of Rangpur () District in the division of Rangpur, Bangladesh. It is located at 25°24.9N 89°19E. There is a post office here. The name of the post office here is Pirganj. The postal code of Pirojgonj is 5470.

This Upazila was a thana in 1910 and in the year 1983, it became an Upazila. There are 101640 households and 411.34 square kilometers. And around 345593 people live here. The average literacy rate of this area is 26.5%. There are 15 union parishads. They are subdivided into 308 mauzas and 332 villages.

There are many places to visit. Some of the places that you can visit while you are in Pirgonj include the following:

1. The post office where you can get your mail or send out letters

2. The union parishads where you can learn more about the local government and how it works

3. The mauzas which are smaller divisions of the union parishads and are a good way to get to know your neighbors

4. The villages which are even smaller divisions of the mauzas and are a great way to explore the local culture

5. The many places to visit which include everything from the local market to the nearby temples and mosques.

Pirganj Post Code

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