Barkal Postal Code – Zip Code,(বরকল – Rangamati)

Barkal is an upajira in the Rangamati district (রাঙ্গামাটি) in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. It is located at 22.7333 ° N 92.3583 ° E. There is a post office here. The name of the post office here is Barkal. Barkal’s zip code is 4570. This upazilas was Tana in 1923 and became an upazilas in 1985.

There are 4,444 households with 9,396 households and an area of ​​299.64 square kilometers. And about 47,523 people live here. After all, 4.1% live in urban areas. There are five union parishes. They are divided into 28 Mosa and 164 villages. There are many places to visit.

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Barkal Post Code

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