Gobindaganj Postal Code – Zip Code,(গোবিন্দগঞ্জ,Gaibandha)

Gobindaganj is an important Upazila of Gaibandha District in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It is located at 25.1333°N 89.3917°E, and is home to two post offices with the postal codes 5740 and 5741. The population of the area is 514591 people, living in 79464 households spread out over 481.66 square kilometers. There are 17 union … Read more

Palashbari Postal Code – Zip Code,(পলাশবাড়ী ,Gaibandha)

Palashbari is an upazila of Gaibandha District in Rangpur Division, Bangladesh. It is located at 25.2833°N 89.3500°E. Palashbari has a population of 231755 people in 190.67 square kilometers on 41586 households. There are 9 union Porishads in Palashbari, with 160 villages and 161 Mouzas. Palashbari has a postal code of 5730. Palashbari Thana was created on … Read more

Chirirbandar Postal Code – Zip Code, (চিরিরবন্দর,Dinajpur)

The Chirirbandar Upazila is located in the Dinajpur District of Bangladesh. It is situated at 25.6625°N 88.7833°E. The Upazila spans a total area of 308.68 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 232409 people living in 42790 households. The Chirirbandar Upazila is divided into 12 union parishads. These union parishads are each … Read more

Baliadangi Postal Code – Zip Code, (বালিয়াডাঙ্গী,Thakurgaon)

Baliadangi is an Upazila of Thakurgaon (ঠাকুরগাঁও) District in the Division of Rangpur, Bangladesh. It is located at 26.1000°N 88.2750°E. There are two post offices here. These areas are Baliadangi and Lahiri. The postal codes of these areas are 5140 and 5141. This Upazila was a thana in 1806 and on the year 2 July … Read more